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As the world faces a pandemic, the Rotary Club is reaching out to lend a hand. Working with Interact–the high school division of Rotary–we are offering lessons in how to use Zoom, a newly popular communication tool. Since the onset of COVID-19, work, school, and social interactions have had to take place over the phone, and Zoom allows for large groups to video call and communicate easily. The “Zoomers and Boomers” service project by Rotary connects tech-savvy students with those who are having trouble adapting the new technology. As a member of Interact, I am excited to share my knowledge with others so that everyone can keep communicating.

By: Haley S.

Hear from our High School Interactors...

Our Boomers and Zoomers 2020 project is our latest project, led by Estella, that brings people together through education of internet resources. Our high schoolers are lending a hand to those who need help with connecting on Zoom. Take a look at their experience…

One of our projects, Boomers & Zoomers, will pair up tech-savvy highschoolers with less experienced people with the goal of teaching them how to use Zoom. One of the goals for this project is to help less experienced people learn how to use technology so that they can communicate with their families during quarantine. Students apart of the Interact Club at Hercules High School will be paired with people who would like to learn more about services like Zoom, and teach them the fundamentals of it. Students apart of this project will benefit from developing teaching skills, as well as service to put on their portfolios or college applications. 

By: Jake B.


Zoomers and Boomers Project

By Estela DePaz

With the ongoing stay-at-home order across the state, various video-conferencing technologies are rapidly becoming standard for business conferences and family communication.  Over the Summer, the Hercules Rotary Club started a project to help community members use Zoom, a very popular net conferencing software.  This project was initially called “How to Zoom – Zoomers Showing Boomers.”

A “Boomer” is generally defined as someone born before 1964, and those who Zoom tend to be Generation Z who have come “of age” in the new millennium.  The Hercules Rotary Club identified this community technological gap.  Many in the Boomer generation appeared unable to use Zoom to communicate and connect with their friends and loved ones, whereas younger Zoomers have had minimal issues adapting to the new technology.

The Zoomer and Boomer Project is designed to help Boomers by partnering them with Zoom “coaches” who can help them navigate Zoom.  The project team plans to develop training and reference materials in order to pair Zoomers and Boomers to 1) ensure a level of compatibility, and 2) manage and monitor the progress of each Zoom coaching session by providing time for evaluation and feedback.